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Split Screen Instructions

It is suggested that you print the instructions out before using them

  1. Open your spreadsheet program and then open the template file

  2. Open your Internet Browser (Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer)

  3. Go to the Online Aufbau page

  4. Click on the assigned year

  5. Find the first of your assigned files File names are usually set up in the form j15a01s00260026.gif or 1946a03s18
    j = Jahrgang =year a=Ausgabe=issue s=Seite=page

    You have been assigned to index certain issues within a give year. For instance if you are assigned to 1949 issues 1 - 5 you will look index in 1949 for any files containing "a01" "a02" "a03" "a04" or "a05".

  6. Click on the first file corresponding to what you have been assigned.

  7. If you are using Internet Explorer click on the [F11] key to make the window take up the full screen

  8. Hold down [ALT] and press Tab once to make a box with icons appear.
    Press tab until Microsoft Excel is the selected program. Release the [ALT] key.

  9. In the upper right corner of Excel [on the top bar] there are three boxes. Click on the middle one.

  10. Move the mouse pointer to the lower right corner of Excel until the pointer has arrows on both ends.

  11. Click and hold the mouse button. Move it until the outline of Excel is in a position so that all the columns in the template are visible as well as at least one column of announcements. The final result should look something like the image here.

  12. You may now do the indexing in Excel as usual.

  13. a) Whenever you finish a column of announcements try to resize Excel by following the instructions in steps 10 & 11 to reveal another column. It is likely that this will have to be done a few times for each page.
    b)You may also need to go back to Internet Explorer to move the announcements page either up or down to see all of the announcements. To move the page within Explorer use the bars located on the right and bottom of the screen. If neither a nor b work, you may have to move Excel. To do this click on where it says "Microsoft Excel" in the top toolbar and hold the mouse button down. Then while still holding the button down move the mouse either left, right, up or down to reposition Excel in a manner that permits you to see additional announcements.

  14. If you wish to save the image so that you do not have to be online while doing the indexing, right click with your mouse over the image and select Save Picture (Image) As. Once you have saved the file, click CTRL & O at the same time, find the file you have saved and open it.

If you have any questions regarding these instructions please contact Alex Calzareth at