Ladenburg, Baden, Germany


Tree: My Genealogy
Latitude: 49.4667195, Longitude: 8.6294583


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Oppenheimer, Mayer  1780Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I14874 My Genealogy 
2 Oppenheimer, Libet (Lisette)  Abt 1754Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I3580 My Genealogy 
3 Oppenheimer, Isaia  Abt 1786Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I14878 My Genealogy 
4 Oppenheimer, Isaak  Abt 1753Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I14873 My Genealogy 
5 Oppenheimer, David  09 Jan 1813Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I14876 My Genealogy 
6 Oppenheimer, Behle (Babette)  20 Jan 1811Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I14877 My Genealogy 
7 Major, Wilhelm  13 Aug 1890Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I11016 My Genealogy 
8 Major, Karl Moses  27 Nov 1891Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I11604 My Genealogy 
9 Major, Karl  13 Aug 1890Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I11017 My Genealogy 
10 Maier, Emil  21 Feb 1864Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I1364 My Genealogy 
11 Maier, Dina  16 Jun 1872Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I1353 My Genealogy 
12 Ladenburg, Hayum Moses Hirsch  Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I9752 My Genealogy 
13 Kaufmann, Lina  15 Dec 1856Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I13497 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Strauss, Veilchen  21 Dec 1846Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I14875 My Genealogy 
2 Rafael, Giedel  21 Feb 1828Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I14872 My Genealogy 
3 Oppenheimer, Mayer  26 Aug 1849Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I14874 My Genealogy 
4 Oppenheimer, Isaia  06 Jun 1826Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I14878 My Genealogy 
5 Oppenheimer, Isaak  15 Aug 1834Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I14873 My Genealogy 
6 Oppenheimer, Hirz  07 Jun 1802Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I14866 My Genealogy 
7 Oppenheimer, Behle (Babette)  21 Mar 1818Ladenburg, Baden, Germany I14877 My Genealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Oppenheimer / H÷bel  04 Sep 1835Ladenburg, Baden, Germany F3595 My Genealogy