Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Blumenthal, Jette  Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I8399 My Genealogy 
2 Elkahn, Fanny  15 Feb 1859Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I3714 My Genealogy 
3 Kahn, Regina  1819Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I7096 My Genealogy 
4 Klein, Bertha  29 May 1861Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11009 My Genealogy 
5 Klein, Bertha  02 Mar 1865Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11021 My Genealogy 
6 Klein, Hundle  24 Apr 1826Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I2231 My Genealogy 
7 Klein, Jandel  02 Jul 1823Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I2230 My Genealogy 
8 Klein, Josef  09 Aug 1873Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15499 My Genealogy 
9 Klein, L.  07 May 1863Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11018 My Genealogy 
10 Klein, Lippmann  10 May 1833Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11019 My Genealogy 
11 Klein, Ludwig  25 May 1863Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11020 My Genealogy 
12 Klein, Ludwig  28 Nov 1896Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11024 My Genealogy 
13 Klein, Max  10 May 1899Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11025 My Genealogy 
14 Klein, Seligmann  03 Apr 1831Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I4761 My Genealogy 
15 Klein, Seligmann  17 Jun 1866Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11022 My Genealogy 
16 Klein, Wilhemina  25 Dec 1819Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I2229 My Genealogy 
17 Klein, Wolf Benjamin  25 Oct 1818Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I2228 My Genealogy 
18 Loewe, Eva  23 Feb 1890Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I2465 My Genealogy 
19 Loewe, Julius  Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I2461 My Genealogy 
20 Schloss, Edith Elise  31 Mar 1924Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15725 My Genealogy 
21 Schloss, Walter David  24 Nov 1922Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15724 My Genealogy 
22 Simon, (Son)  12 Jan 1831Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15684 My Genealogy 
23 Simon, Aaron  04 May 1821Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15680 My Genealogy 
24 Simon, Aaron (?)  09 May 1864Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15693 My Genealogy 
25 Simon, Adolph  22 Jun 1860Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15691 My Genealogy 
26 Simon, Babette (Bela)  05 Sep 1823Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15681 My Genealogy 
27 Simon, Bär  28 Jun 1819Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15679 My Genealogy 
28 Simon, Bertha  10 Jun 1852Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15688 My Genealogy 
29 Simon, Bertha  22 Aug 1862Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15699 My Genealogy 
30 Simon, Betty  08 Dec 1884Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15704 My Genealogy 
31 Simon, Betty  11 May 1895Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15720 My Genealogy 
32 Simon, Blanka  01 Jan 1885Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15715 My Genealogy 
33 Simon, Bunle Barbara  09 Jun 1816Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15676 My Genealogy 
34 Simon, Dina  03 May 1854Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15689 My Genealogy 
35 Simon, Elsa  26 Jan 1890Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15718 My Genealogy 
36 Simon, Flora  27 Apr 1898Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15721 My Genealogy 
37 Simon, Hedwig  28 Mar 1888Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15717 My Genealogy 
38 Simon, Hilde  15 Jul 1893Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15719 My Genealogy 
39 Simon, Ida  03 Apr 1886Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15716 My Genealogy 
40 Simon, Isaias  24 Feb 1828Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I8941 My Genealogy 
41 Simon, Isidor  22 Jun 1860Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15692 My Genealogy 
42 Simon, Jette  12 Jan 1860Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15697 My Genealogy 
43 Simon, Jette  16 Sep 1868Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15694 My Genealogy 
44 Simon, Johanna  21 Jan 1900Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15722 My Genealogy 
45 Simon, Julchen  10 Apr 1891Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15708 My Genealogy 
46 Simon, Julius  11 May 1886Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15705 My Genealogy 
47 Simon, Lehmann  09 May 1887Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15706 My Genealogy 
48 Simon, Leopold  23 May 1856Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15505 My Genealogy 
49 Simon, Liebman  14 May 1784Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I8942 My Genealogy 
50 Simon, Liebmann  28 Jul 1856Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15690 My Genealogy 
51 Simon, Lippmann  13 Jan 1851Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15677 My Genealogy 
52 Simon, Machol  10 Jul 1835Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11251 My Genealogy 
53 Simon, Machol  09 Nov 1857Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15695 My Genealogy 
54 Simon, Madel Magdalena  28 Oct 1825Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15682 My Genealogy 
55 Simon, Sanchen  08 May 1864Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15700 My Genealogy 
56 Simon, Selma  02 Jun 1888Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15707 My Genealogy 
57 Simon, Selma  18 Sep 1891Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I3613 My Genealogy 
58 Simon, Sigmund  17 Apr 1866Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15701 My Genealogy 
59 Simon, Simon  09 Jun 1816Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15678 My Genealogy 
60 Simon, Sophia  18 Jan 1861Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15698 My Genealogy 
61 Simon, Sulamitt (?)  12 Oct 1867Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15702 My Genealogy 
62 Simon, Wolf  08 Apr 1813Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15675 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bär, Babette  06 Apr 1858Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I7110 My Genealogy 
2 Bär, Judith Jette  08 Dec 1859Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I3952 My Genealogy 
3 Klein, Bertha  20 Apr 1865Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11021 My Genealogy 
4 Klein, Hundle  22 Jun 1828Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I2231 My Genealogy 
5 Klein, L.  06 Dec 1863Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11018 My Genealogy 
6 Klein, Lippmann  04 Nov 1900Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11019 My Genealogy 
7 Klein, Ludwig  20 Mar 1864Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11020 My Genealogy 
8 Klein, Seligmann  29 Jan 1899Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I4761 My Genealogy 
9 Klein, Wolf Benjamin  17 Jan 1819Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I2228 My Genealogy 
10 Rothschild, Sophie  18 Dec 1890Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15685 My Genealogy 
11 Rothschild, Therese (Drezel)  07 Aug 1920Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I4764 My Genealogy 
12 Schloss, Edith Elise  02 Apr 1925Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15725 My Genealogy 
13 Simon, (Son)  18 Jan 1831Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15684 My Genealogy 
14 Simon, Aaron  27 Sep 1872Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15680 My Genealogy 
15 Simon, Bär  26 Aug 1841Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15679 My Genealogy 
16 Simon, Betty  28 May 1886Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15704 My Genealogy 
17 Simon, Betty  02 Jul 1895Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15720 My Genealogy 
18 Simon, Bunle Barbara  14 Apr 1878Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15676 My Genealogy 
19 Simon, Elsa  30 Apr 1892Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15718 My Genealogy 
20 Simon, Flora  25 Jul 1898Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15721 My Genealogy 
21 Simon, Isaias  27 May 1867Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I8941 My Genealogy 
22 Simon, Jette  08 Jun 1861Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15697 My Genealogy 
23 Simon, Johanna  23 May 1900Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15722 My Genealogy 
24 Simon, Lehmann  15 May 1887Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15706 My Genealogy 
25 Simon, Liebman  11 Mar 1840Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I8942 My Genealogy 
26 Simon, Liebmann  06 Apr 1923Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15690 My Genealogy 
27 Simon, Lippmann  03 Feb 1851Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15677 My Genealogy 
28 Simon, Machol  26 Apr 1836Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11251 My Genealogy 
29 Simon, Machol  24 Feb 1858Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15695 My Genealogy 
30 Simon, Simon  21 Jun 1816Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15678 My Genealogy 
31 Wolf, Elise  27 Sep 1912Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I15714 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Klein, Ludwig  Aft 1930Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I11024 My Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 Simon, Isaias  05 Dec 1854Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany I8941 My Genealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / Klein  16 Feb 1837Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany F559 My Genealogy 
2 Haguenauer / Simon  19 Oct 1920Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany F1032 My Genealogy 
3 Lichtenberger / Vogel  26 Feb 1846Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany F1965 My Genealogy 
4 Schloss / Simon  14 Mar 1922Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany F3747 My Genealogy 
5 Simon / Rothschild  13 Aug 1851Jöhlingen, Baden, Germany F3742 My Genealogy