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This web site has been static for the last few years. If you come across this page the best way to find more information is to join the Facebook Group, Oliveto Citra Family History & Genealogy at https://www.facebook.com/groups/135027737134891. Please join and then post a message with information about your family. If you do not use Facebook then please use the contact link below to send me a message with information on your family. I can then provide access to the group's Ancestry.com family tree, which is being created to link together all the families of Oliveto Citra. Grazie.

Surnames found in Oliveto Citra include:

Antoniello, Barba, Barra, Bracigliano, Calabrese, Calzaretta, Cappella, Cappetta, Caprioli, Caputo, Cavalieri, Celemente, Centanni, Cientanni, Clemente, Coglianese, Colacchio, Coletta, Corvino, Cozzi, Cupicciotti, De Vita, Del Giudice, Dell'Orto, Di Biasi, Di Guida, Ferrazzuolo, Forlenza, Fornataro, Fuoco, Fusco, Galasso, Gigante, Giglio, Grieco, Iannece, Imbrenda, Insalata, Iuorio, Izzo, Landi, Lullo, Luongo, Lurgio, Mandiello, Marchetta, Monaco, Moscato, Naponiello, Nigro, Perciabosco, Pezzuto, Pignata, Pirofalo, Piscitiello, Polino, Prosapio, Raia, Rio, Rufolo, Russo, Sarro, Scaglione, Senese, Taglieri, Vece, Viola

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