Matches 401 to 500 of 1608

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401 aboard the S.S. Rex Berta Eisenmann
402 She held a doctorate in philosophy. Berta Eisenmann
403 Riga-Jungfernhof, a subcamp for the Riga Ghetto Carl Eisig
404 Shlomo Siegfried Elikan
405 Shlomo Siegfried Elikan
406 Kindergrab 53 Joshua Eppinger
407 Grave No. 512 Moritz (Moses) Eppinger
408 to the US Emil Epstein
409 Also see Ortssippenbuch Rust 5150 for potential additional information. Ezechiel Epstein
410 where he was employed as a Kaufmann Leopold Epstein
411 where he was employed as a Kaufmann Ludwig Epstein
412 Samuel Epstine was married three times according to the 1910 Census. Carrie (Jette) Stengel was his last wife. Samuel Epstine
413 to the USA David Erlebacher
414 to the USA Frieda Erlebacher
415 to the USA Gerson Erlebacher
416 Grave No. 337 Hermann Ettlinger
417 Grave No. 321 Isaak Loeb Ettlinger
418 Camp de Gurs Johanna (Hannchen) Ettlinger
419 may instead by date of death Karl Ettlinger
420 In Rosenthal list she is called Nendel Benedikt Nendel Ettlinger
421 604 W 112th Street, New York, N.Y.||the same||UN4-4579|| 29 June 1883, Bruchsal, Germany||S.J. Ettlinger, 21 W. 102nd Street||Demolition Co. Inc.||147 4th Avenue, New York, N.Y. Paul Ettlinger
422 although the Synagoge Bruchsal CD lists his birth on 28 February 1853 Seligmann Ettlinger
423 but this may actually represent the date of burial Seligmann Ettlinger
424 He was a soldier for two years. Later he was very active with the Turnverein. Abraham Fechenbach
425 as a victim of the Holocaust Irma Fechenbach
426 She was deaf and as a result went to a School for the Deaf in Weisensee when she was eight years old Irma Fechenbach
427 According to Selma Michaels Calzareth, Ida's daughter: Her Mother [Rose Schindler Barkin] did not remember the birth date for her daughter Ida, so October 31, 1900 was always used but it was later suspected that she was born around June 1901. [AC Note: The birth certificate seems to agree with the October 31, 1900 birthdate, meaning that perhaps the story should be the Ida believed she was born in June 1901, but it turns out she was born on October 31, 1900.] Ida Fein
428 becauser her mother had remarried and was able to maintain her. Ida Fein
429 by her mother because she was able to maintain her. Ida was going to live with her grandmother, Alice Schindler at 128 Broome Street. Ida Fein
430 from cancer Ida Fein
431 She was being treated in the hosptial from March 8th to April 8th, 1912. Ida Fein
432 from tuberculosis Isaac Fein
433 Note: All of the information available on Isaac Fein, was provided by Rose Schindler, the mother of his children. Based on the report provided by the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Rose and analysis of additional sources it appears that Rose frequently provided contradictory information. It may be that she had no further contact with Isaac Fein and it was easier to tell others, such as the authorities, that he had died in another city. Therefore none of the information listed is provided with any certainty. Isaac Fein
434 in a collision of a Compania de Aviacion DC-4 and a Navy training plane Alfred J. Finkenberg
435 She is listed on the census as "Lena Fuchs" and described as white,married, and 24 years-old. She had been married for six years. She had had two children, both of which were still living. She is able to read and write. She was born in Russia as were both her parents. Polish was the mother tongue of Lena and her parents. She arrived in the United State in 1900. Lena Finn
436 She is listed on the census as "Lena Fuchs" and described as white,married, and 35 years-old. She is able to read and write. She immigrated to the United State in 1807 and was naturalized in 1905. She was born in Poland, and both her partents were born in Poland. Her mother tongue, and that of his parents was Polish.  Lena Finn
437 She is listed on the census as "Lena Fuchs" and described as white,married, and 46-years old. Her first marriage occurred at the age of 22. She is able to read and write. She was born in Poland as were both her parents. She arrived in the United State in 1897 and is naturalized. Her mother tongue was Polish. Lena Finn
438 Group 49, Row 14, Grave 75 Josef Fischl
439 in a car accident Arnold Flast
440 Grave 159 Hemmele (Gimmi) Flehinger
441 More information about the life of Godrey Fochs (Gottfried Fuchs) can be found in his Wikipedia entry at Godfrey Fochs
442 from cancer Carol Frances Fox
443 53 East 96th St (later 141 E 88th St. Apt. 3b), NY,NY||the same||ATW9-7398||June 20, 1890||Baden, Germany||Mrs. Lillian Fox at 53 East 96th St.||McKesson & Robbins, Inc.l||111 8th Ave., NYC, NY||Race: White, Eyes: Brown, Hair:Blonde, Complexion: Light, Height: 5 ft. 8 in. weight: 151 lbs. Charles S. Fox
444 ||||being of medium stature, having brown eyes, dark brown hair and being slightly bald. Charles S. Fox
445 Grave No. KG3 Alfred (Ascher) Frank
446 from Le Havre, France Babette (Braunle) Frank
447 Grave No. 597 Berta Frank
448 an unkown destination, as cited at Arolsen [#39948]. Betty Frank
449 as a result of an auto accident Denny Frank
450 to Cleveland, Ohio, USA Denny Frank
451 of pnuemonia, while visting her son, State Senator Thomas Stroock. Dorothy Frank
452 the Buchenwald Concentration Camp Ernst Frank
453 Grave No. KG6 Eugen (Isaak Ben Moses) Frank
454 to the USA Friedrich (Fred) Frank
455 from scarlet fever Hilde Frank
456 Grave No. 332 Isaak (ben Levi) Frank
457 Grave No. 385 Jeanette Frank
458 Had wholesale leather business in Elberfeld with brother Max Julius Frank
459 to USA Julius Frank
460 Grave No. 654 Julius (Joel) Frank
461 Grave No. 195 Levi (ben Isaak) Frank
462 [Levifo~1.ftw] Name taken in 1809 from Burgermeister friend in Rohrbach b Eppingen; only son of Isaak Lemle; Schutz in May 11 1789;
Ward of Uncle Isaak Moses Regensburger, as of 1789 which suggests that father Isaak Lemle must have died before this year.

Name taken in 1809 from Burgermeister friend in Rohrbach b Eppingen; only son of Isaak Lemle; Schutz in May 11 1789;
Ward of Uncle Isaak Moses Regensburger, as of 1789 which suggests that father Isaak Lemle must have died before this year. 
Levi (ben Isaak) Frank
463 Camp de Gurs Martha Frank
464 first to Camp de Gurs and then Auschwitz with convoy $17 Martha Frank
465 285 12 2403 Max Frank
466 SS 285 12 2403; 14118 Max Frank
467 Grave No. 528 Moritz (Moses Ben Benjamin) Frank
468 from Le Havre, France Nanette (Nendel) Frank
469 He lost an eye in World War I. Oskar Frank
470 Grave No. 604 Paula Frank
471 Grave No. 571 Wolf (Benjamin) Frank
472 The following is included in the Jewish Encylopedia, published between 1901 and 1906:
German teacher and writer; son of Rabbi Moses Frankfurter; born at Herdorf March 15, 1801; died Aug. 13, 1867. In 1822 he became a teacher in the Israelitischer Volksschule at Nordstetten, Württemberg. Among his pupils was Berthold Auerbach, with whom he remained on terms of the most intimate friendship until his death. Auerbach commemorates his teacher in the tale "Der Lauterbacher," one of his "Schwarzwälder Dorfgeschichten," for which Frankfurter furnished him considerable material." 
Bernhard Frankfurter
473 Carmine created a last will on [D] which references his brothers, [WO] Carmine Freda
474 Grazia Freda created a last will and testament before Notary Giuseppe Sarro on 28 March 1785. The notary act indicated that the notary went to her residence, where she was in bed and "cerca l'ora della morte" or near the hour of death. She name her brother, Domenico Freda and sister Vienna Freda, as her universal heirs. Grazia Freda
475 Pasqaule studied to become a priest for about five years but died before completing his studies. Pasquale Freda
476 he was an Akiva Curt Freiberg
477 to the USA Curt Freiberg
478 A short biography of J. Walter Freiberg was published in the book Cincinnati, The Queen City. Click on the icon to read it. Jacob Walter Freiberg
479 Headline: OBITUARIES
Publication Date: January 06, 1997
Source: Greensboro News & Record
Page: B4
Region: North Carolina
MARC STEVEN FREIBERG On Jan. 5, 1997 Marc Freiberg, 50, died of cancer
after a ten-month healing process at his home, 308 Pendleton Dr.
The funeral will be 2 p.m. today at Forbis & Dick Guilford Chapel.
Interment will follow in the Hebrew Cemetery.
Marc was born and raised in Greensboro and was a self-employed
entrepreneur who owned a variety of businesses in Greensboro. In Dec.,
1982 he started the holiday tradition of feeding the needy and homeless
at Ham's Restaurant.
Marc is survived by his wife, Kay Burns Freiberg; daughters, Lisa
Freiberg and husband, John Dion of San Lorenzo, CA, Anna Freiberg of
Greensboro and Valerie Freiberg of the home; son, Ben Freiberg of the
home; sister, Sharon Hammerman of Tom's River, N.J.
In lieu of flowers, please send donations to the Richard J.
Caron Foundation, Galen Hall Road, Box A, Wernersville, PA
19565-0501; or Simonton Cancer Center, P.O. Box 890, Pacific Palisades,
CA 90272. 
Marc Steven Freiberg
480 [Levifo~1.ftw]

Death notice in NY TIMES 21 Feb 1953 13:4; from 1900 Census, family resident Alaska Ave in Cincinnati 
Sally Workum Freiberg
481 June 20, 1942 deported transport AAe 794/795 to Terezin(Theresienstadt). September 1, 1942 deported transport Be 588/589 to Raasika. Adela Freund
482 the Theresienstadt Ghetto with Transport AAq, number 284. Abraham (Adolf) Fried
483 the Theresienstadt Ghetto Emilie Fried
484 the Treblinka Death Camp Emilie Fried
485  Friedrich Fried
486 from Pneumonia Friedrich Fried
487 the Theresienstadt Ghetto with transport AAc-261 Friedrich Fried
488 The community of Jung Bunzlau was her home community (Heimatgemeinde). Karolina Fried
489 Czech, English, French and German Margarete Fried
490 Respiatory Arrest Margarete Fried
491 the Theresienstadt Ghetto Paula Fried
492 to Auschwitz Death Camp Paula Fried
493 aboard the SS Florida Stefanie Fried
494 086-34-5064 Steffi Fried
495 Grave 33B Babette (Betla) Friedmann
496 from appendicitis Oskar Froeschel
497 Group 19, Row 16, Grave 45 Oskar Froeschel
498 1852||Catholic||single||maid||maid||Rostain, Moravia, Vyškov||had||permanently Anna Fröhlich
499 50||white||dark||blue||brown||5' 10" || 150 lbs. Sol Fromm
500 aboard the SS Manhattan, which departed from Hamburg, Germany. Sol Fromm

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