Matches 301 to 400 of 1608

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301 He is recorded as "Schutzjud zu Weingartten" Loew Benjamin
302 Germany Moritz Fritz Benjamin
303 from breast cancer Toni Benjamin
304 516-68-0043 A. Berg
305 Gurs Pauline Berlinger
306 in a car accident Hilde Berney
307 Block 24, Section J-9-3-1 Theodore Berney
308 Grave Nr. 391 Hirsch Isak Bernheim
309 Grave 35 Hanna (Hannchen) Bierig
310 from Le Havre, France Johanna Biermann

Schutz from around 1604; lived in Binswangen after 1604; was identified to be living in Neckarsulm by 1639 [Angerbauer & Frank]; His father was noted as a "deutschordischer Schutzjude". 
Raphael of Binswangen
312 058-09-1490 Friedrich (Fred) Bleibtreu
313 132-20-0816 George Nathan Bleibtreu
314 088-01-5011 Gustav Bleibtreu
In 1938 the following listed appeared in Whos Who in American Jewry:
BLEIBTREU, Jacob, stock broker. Born Frankfort-on-Main, Germany, Sept. 30, 1886, s. Nathan and Auguste (Homburger) B. Partner Abraham & Co., N.Y. City. Mem. N.Y. Stock Exchange. Married Helen Reinthaler, 1924; children: John Nathan, Ann Louis. Home: 262 Central Park W. Office: 120 Broadway, N.Y. City 
Jakob (Jack) Bleibtreu
316 105-26-2818 Jakob (Jack) Bleibtreu
317 in the American Army in WWI in France. Jakob (Jack) Bleibtreu
318 supplied affadavits for fourty-five members of the Homburger family. Jakob (Jack) Bleibtreu
319 To USA Jakob (Jack) Bleibtreu
320 Grave No. 144 Babette (Beile) Blum
321 Gurs Berta Blum
322 was a soldier in the 7th Company, 4th Infantry from Faulfieber Falk Blum
323 Zwi ben Nathan Hirschle Blum
324 was declared dead as of 31 December 1945 in Durlach on June 4, 19?1. Jakob Blum
325 Nathan Simon||N.S. Blum||51||his wife Nendel, age 38, and his children, Hirsch, age 11, Esaias, age 8, Hendle, age 12, and Sorle, age 5 Nathan Simon Blum
326 15.5.1874 at Kreis Karlsruhe||All Robert Blum
327 Grave No. 221 Esther (Lea) Böhm
328 2.9.1890 at Liedolsheim||||None|| Eva Bolz
329 Das Ehepaar lebte spätestens seit 1856 in Ludwigsburg, verzog nach 1858 von hier aus nach Stuttgart. Babette Böttinger
330 "He was the director emeritus of ermergeny services and former attending surgeon at New York University Hospital. In more than a half century of practice, he had been an attending surgeon at Bellevue, Misericordia and Doctors Hospitals, as well as director of surgery at Beth David/Grand Central Hospital. Until his retirement in 1980, he was an associate professor at NYU's School of Medicine, from which he graduated in 1922." Lester Breidenbach
331 aboard the ariship NC3X925 Kättchen Bruchfeld
332 ||sons: Sol & Louis Fuchs||5025 N. Glenwood Ave., Chicago, Illinois Kättchen Bruchfeld
333 Riga Ingeborg Brückner
334 to NYC Ruth Brueckner
335 Riga Walter Norbert Brueckner
336 214-18-5448 Gustav Brunngässer
337 He had his own business starting in November 1881. Benedikt (Bernhard) Buxbaum
338 from Hamburg, Germany aboard the SS Manhattan Sigmund Buxbaum
339 079-05-7585 Arthur John Calzareth
340 Elmhurst is also now called Middle Village Arthur John Calzareth
341 from Italy Angelo Calzaretta
342 63-40 Eighty-Fourth Street, Forest Hills, Queens, NY|| the same||none||July 29, 1886 at St. Joseph, Italy||Mrs. Rose Calzareth, 63-40 84th St., Forest Hills, NY||Frank D'Agati||Invincible Barber Shop, 200 W. 36th St., New York, NY||race: white, eyes: hazel, hair: black, complexion: ruddy, height: 5' 5 1/2 " weight:165 pounds||The registrar did not have knowledge of his claim to be a naturalized U.S. citizen Attilio Felice Macario Calzaretta
343 Death date was also determined from Selma Calzareth who said he died on her brother's, Bert Michael's birthday which is 28 Aug. The year 1960 was obtained from the Index to Deaths in NYC in 1960. Attilio Felice Macario Calzaretta
344 in Section 35, Range 4, Plot R, Grave 13, with her parents Gaetano and Emilia. No gravestone exists. Emira (Emily) Calzaretta
345 Felice created a last will on [D] when he was already infirm and shortly before his death. Felice Maria Antonio Calzaretta
346 73 W. 92 St., N.Y.C., N.Y., N.Y.||same||RI-9-8891||January 30, 1893 at Florence, Italy||Mrs. Marie Calzaretta, 73 W. 92 St., NYC||Triboro Cafeteria||137 E. 125th St.,NYC||Race: White, Height: 5 - 4, Weight:140, Eyes:Brown, Hair:Brown,Complexion:Ruddy, and he had a scar on right wrist Felix Calzaretta
347 At the time Flory resided at 666 Douglas Avenue in Calumet City and was unemployed. He gave his birth date and place as February 5, 1884 in Salerno, Italy. Floristano (Flory) Calzaretta
348 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Frank Calzaretta
349 from Naples, Italy Frank Calzaretta
350 in Section 35, Range 4, Plot R, Grave 13, with his wife, Emilia, and daughter, Emily. No gravestone exists. Gaetano Calzaretta
351 60-06 80th Ave, Glendale, Queens, NY||same|none||May 28, 1889 at Brooklyn, Kings,NY,USA||Mrs. Margaret Calzaretta, 60-06 80 Ave, Glendale, L.I.||Beruda Base Contractor Co.||92 Cedar St. NYC||Race: White, Height:5'11", Weight: 195, Complexion:dark, and he had tattoo on both arms and wore glasses. John Calzaretta
352 105 Grove St, Brooklyn, NY||same||||December 8, 1894 at Brooklyn||Mrs. Mary Calzaretta, 105 Grove Street||NYC Police Dept,||400 Broome St.||Height: 5-11 1/2, Weight: 182, Hair: brown, Eyes: brown, Complexion:ruddy||His address was changed to 104-35 110th Street, Richmond Hills Louis Calzaretta
353 Luigi created a last will on [D] which references his brother, [WO] Luigi Calzaretta
354 from Naples, Italy Peter Calzaretta
355 105 Grove St, Brooklyn, Kings,NY||||June 7, 1887 at Brooklyn, NY||||Mrs. Mary Calzaretta||unemployed automobile mechanic||||Height:5-8 1/2, Eyes:Brown, Hair:Black, complexion: ruddy Phillip Calzaretta
356 from Italy Salvatore Calzaretta
357 at a hospital Venanzio Calzaretta
358 Teresina created a last will on [D], sometime following the death of her husband, Don Felice Calzaretta. Teresina Cantalupo
359 after a long illness. Edythe A. Carr
360 Herbert left behind an estate with a net worth of $1,404,717. Herbert J. Carr
361 from Yale. Willard Herbert Carr
362 in the United States Navy as a Lieutenant Willard Herbert Carr
363 The couple went to Chicago on their wedding trip. Afterwards they resided at 30 Beekman Place. Willard was president of Carr Brothers, Inc., exporters, and of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce of New York. He was also a director of the Amerada, Rycade and Rycade Oil Corporations. Willard Herbert Carr
364 Block 24, Section J-9-3-8 Philip Charles
365 from Naples, Italy Consiglia Coglianese
366 Ernest was a tool and dye maker as well as an inventor according to his daughter, Vera D'Emilio Vidal Ernest D'Emilio
367 [P1] achived thirty years as a civil servant in August 1963. Tarver Williams Daniels
368 She was apparently Taubstumm Delphine Rosette Darmstaedter
369 aboard the SS Manhattan Leopold Darnbacher
370 in the German Field Artillery Leopold Darnbacher
371 The Darnbacher family was still living at this address on September 20, 1940. Leopold Darnbacher
372 in Section Y2, Row G, Plot # 31 Bertha David
373 from Naples, Italy aboard the Montserrat, having departed on 23 June 1905 Emilia Del Giudice
374 in Section 35, Range 4, Plot R, Grave 13, with her husband, Gaetano, and daughter, Emily. No gravestone exists. Emilia Del Giudice
375 Archimede, at age 18, under the name Maria Dellamonico||Palermo, Italy||||Traveling on the ship with her was a child, Almerindo Ringi (age 1), her husband, Gennaro Ringi (age 22), and Antoinetta Ringi (age 45) Maria Della Monica
376 Based on burial in Calvary Cemetery on November 4, 1916 Maria Della Monica
377 Cava di Salerno is today Cava dei Tirreni Maria Della Monica
378 died at age 43, according to her granddaughter Selma Michaels Calzareth Maria Della Monica
379 Section 22, Range 1, Plot H, Grave 2 after being moved from another grave Maria Della Monica
380 She was originally buried in Section 41, Range 30, Plot R, Grave 13. The family gave up the grave when she was disinterred and moved to the Mical family plot, purchased in September 1917 by her husband, Giovanni Mical. Maria Della Monica
381 The family went to Stuttgart in 1844, where Philipp Dessauer worked as an Optometrist, Metal and Stone engraver. Philipp Dessauer
382 surname Dekenheimer? Sophie Dittenheimer
383 His surname was originally Dreifuss but he dropped the second "s" upon naturalization. Bertold (Bob) Dreifus
384 in a car accident Ferdinand Dreifus
385 Hedwig's house in Altdorf was so badly destroyed during the violence of Kristallnacht on 10 November 1938 that it was not inhabitable anymore. She subsequently lived with [WO] in [L] Hedwig Dreifuß
386 spent the year of||with Nanette Weingärtner Dr. Jenny Dreifuss
387 054-38-7526 Emilie Dreifuss
388 Went from Gurs,to Nexon, and then to Rivesaltes and in August of 1944 was freed and went to New York Emilie Dreifuss
389 His family came one year later. Moritz Dreifuss
390 Moritz was in the tobacco business in Bruchsal; In 1932 he went to Basel and later to Milano; Worked in a food factory as a foreman, J Lyons and Co LTD after arriving in UK. Interned at outset of WWII. After war he was a travelling salesman, in linen?

Spent 1912 with the aunts at 15 Weisshoffer Str, probably his Lehr? 
Moritz Dreifuss
391 Grave No. 91 Sara Dreifuss
392 following the death of her husband Teiche (Teresa) Dreifuss
393 David Hirsch||Dreifus||50||his wife, Jüdle, age 49, his children, Falk David, age 15, Moses Hayum, age 9, Deiche, age 16, Hanna , age 11, Mamel, age 7 and Fromet, age 4 David Dreyfuss
394 to England Julius Dreyfuss
395 in Row D , Grave 6 Herbert Dührenheimer
396 Jakob Ederheimer war zunächst als Metalldreher in Ausbildung, mußte die Lehre jedoch krankheitshalber abbrechen. Seit Dezember 1833 war er bei eineme Metzger in der Lehre, die er zurückkehrte. Im Winter 1836/7 erlernte er bei seinem Onkel Nathan Edereheimer das Schächten und half in der Wirtschaft seiner Mutter aus. OB er in Esslingen als Metzger tätig war, ist nicht belegt; in den Wahlverzeichnisssen wird er als >>Kaufmann<< oder als >>Wirth und Kaufman>> geführt. Im März 1861 wurde berichtet: >>Nachdem Herr ederheimer seine Wirtschaft aufgegeben hat, ist die Beschaffung eines passendedn Kotsttisches für den bei seinem Turnusbesuch hier funktionierenden Bezirksrabbiner nötig<<. Ederheimer war bis 1862 auch eineer der Kirchenvorsteher, also Beisitzer im israelitischen Kirchenvorstehreramt Esslingen. UNklar ist, wann er das AMt angetreten hat, denn 1851 erfolgte bereits seine Wiederwahl. Im Dezember 1862 zog die Familie Ederheimer nach Stuttgart. Die Stuttgarter Adreßbücher führen Jakob Ederheimer zunächst als Partikulier (1865 Gymnasiumstraße 14) und zuletzt als Privatier (1886 Kronprinzsstraße 12). Jakob Ederheimer
397 Oldest brother of Hermann Einstein, the father of Professor Dr. Albert Einstein August Ignaz Einstein
398 Riga, Latvia Ernst Einstein
399 He was a stamp collector and had been treasure of his synagogue. Karl Eisemann
400 [Brøderbund WFT Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #3134, Date of Import: 8 Jun 1998]

Employed by Aron Hirsch and Sohn as office manager, later in Berlin self employed in scrap metal business, Altmetal. Office was at corner of Friedrichstrasse and Unter den Linden. Assistant Treasurer, Continental Grain Co, Kansas city. Residences at 9 Nieburg Strasse, 69 Goethestrass, Charlottenburg, Berlin. Davened at Pestalozzistrasse Synagogue Friday nights, Adass Jisroel Siegmundsof, Shabbat. 
Karl Eisemann

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